B-Squared Advertising Marks 20th Anniversary

B-Squared Advertising has been a creative force in the advertising and marketing arena in Florida for many years. In fact, the award-winning agency is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer – as it continues to create and execute effective campaigns for clients within the state and beyond.

Robyn Bonaquist and her business partner, the late Burl Seslar, started the agency in 2001. Prior to starting B-Squared Advertising, Bonaquist was the editor of the Family Living section of the Naples Daily News, the director of marketing for a savings and loan, an account executive for a Marco Island-based ad agency, and president of the west coast division of another.

As for Seslar, Bonaquist called him, “the most talented creative director I have ever run across.”

“I truly love the advertising business,” Bonaquist stated proudly. “I love coming up with creative solutions to our clients’ challenges. I’m the nurturing type anyway, so the ad industry fits right in with my personality.”

Josh Lewis & Robyn Bonaquist | B-Squared Advertising

With 20 years at the helm of her own agency, Bonaquist has a philosophy on what makes a great advertising campaign.

“Great creative is born from good strategy. I’ve never been a fan of creative for creative sake since too often the message gets lost,” she said.

As for great creative, Bonaquist believes her team succeeds clients’ aspirations — campaign after campaign.

“Our creative abilities are the best – by far,” commented Bonaquist. “Plus, we wrap those creative abilities inside great customer service. We’re always going that extra mile for each and every client.”

Bonaquist describes the relationship between the agency and client as a partnership – where give and take is part of the process.

“We’ve been most successful when our clients allow us flexibility on our creative approach to their advertising and marketing challenges,” she noted.

That partnership has truly paid off. Since launching the agency, B-Squared has received more than 450 local, state, regional and national awards for its effective marketing campaigns.

The most recent awards, two Nationals, were from the National Sales & Marketing Council of the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB).  The Nationals is the largest and most prestigious awards competition which celebrates North America’s best new-home sales and marketing, and recognizes outstanding achievement in 12 different categories.

Selected from over 900 entries, B-Squared was awarded one Gold Award for Best Print Campaign and one Silver Award in the category, Best Print Ad, for the luxury high-rise community of Kalea Bay.

“The campaign used dramatic images to showcase the amazing lifestyle available at Kalea Bay,” recalled Bonaquist. “And it tied into the very timely notion of working remotely.”

When looking back on the past 20 years, coming up with what she considered the biggest change in the industry was easy for Bonaquist. “The advent of digital advertising, of course. It completely changed the game.”

B-Squared Advertising continues to expand its digital marketing team with talented multimedia specialists to keep pace with the high demand.

As for the future of the advertising and marketing industry, Bonaquist feels that as many changes as occurred in the past 10 years will be doubled or tripled in the next 10.

“I personally would love to see more accountability,” stated Bonaquist. “There used to be a notion of ‘truth in advertising’, which doesn’t seem to hold much water these days. Anyone can say anything about anything, truthful or not. I find that very disheartening, both in the advertising arena and the news arena.”

B-Squared Advertising is located at 5675 Strand Court, Naples, FL  34110.  To learn more about the agency visit its award-winning website at B2ads.com or call (239) 593-3600.