The Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Social Media

Second only to referrals, social media is the next best source of real estate leads, according to a 2022 Realtor Survey. Consequently, real estate agents around the country have embraced social media as a primary means of marketing their services.

Social media is a medium that, if utilized properly, can build trust, exemplify experience and disseminate a wide array of information to prospective clients. Social media can help any real estate agent or parent company develop long-lasting relationships and new leads.

Are you wondering how to grow your social media profile? Here are five specific ideas for real estate-themed posts to help you improve your views and generate leads.

#1 | New Listing

When introducing a new listing to any social media platform, to touch upon the community your listing is located in. Homebuyers want to know everything about the home they’re potentially in the market for. Statistics, demographics, and more help the buyer understand the listing and the area.

As you would online, creating a post to share a new listing allows your audience to share it on their page or with others helping to generate more views. To keep your clients or prospective clients aware of new opportunities, you can publish just-sold photos, behind-the-scenes walkthroughs, open houses, and before and after photos to attract potential buyers.

 #2 | Market Updates

Whether the local housing conditions are irregular or blossoming, distributing data concerning home prices, sales, and other significant statistics in your posts will keep your audience better informed. Add your viewpoint on the figures to show you’re knowledgeable about the community you serve.

#3 | Community Involvement

To heighten awareness of yourself, as well as that of the company you work for, participating in events, festivals, or charity, is well worth the time and effort. Your community involvement gives the viewer a closer look at who you are and the charitable efforts you support.

#4 | Tips for Buyers

A real estate purchase can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. As such, agents can help first-time buyers in the process by offering tips, home inspirations, and even maintenance suggestions. Each valuable piece of information helps gain trust with your clients and can possibly generate more leads.

Consider offering a downloadable “buyer’s package.”  Doing so with a mandatory email opt-in will serve as a means to grow your real estate-related database.

#5 | Testimonials

High-quality photos may attract new leads, but testimonials are what sells them. Sharing a testimonial more than once ensures that your audience will see your post. Another way to involve clientele is to create posts directly related to the appreciation of their business. Each method serves to establish trust between the client and the company.  

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