We believe great advertising can create an exponential growth in your market share, hence the name B-Squared Advertising. We do it just like the big names on Madison Avenue. Without the Madison Avenue prices. As a Naples-based digital marketing agency, as well as one that creates and executes traditional advertising programs, we believe the name of the game is: Bring Business. Not just any way possible, but every way possible.

We’ve done it for countless companies in countless industries. We’ve won the awards. Lots of them. But more importantly, we’ve created one success story after another for our clients.

We know that conventional advertising strategies coupled with cutting-edge design and marketing will increase market penetration while decreasing your overall cost of sales. As our digital marketing agency carefully analyses your business, your competitors and the psychology behind consumers’ purchasing decisions, we can create a niche where competitive comparisons are no longer apples to apples.

You now have the B-Squared difference.

Garrett Phillips

Senior Account Executive

Josh Lewis

Art Director

Jessica Hunt

Multimedia Specialist

Kathy Taylor

Art Director

Robyn Bonaquist

Founder / President

Dominick Trippie

Account Executive

Mark Zirzow

Digital Director

Duane Sulk

Communications Director

Colleen Baus

Accounting Manager



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