Ways in which QR Codes help print advertising

The acronym “QR” in a QR code stands for “quick response”. While a barcode generally provides information in a horizontal nature, the QR code does so both horizontally, vertically and even in a circular notion. QR codes can hold up to more than one hundred times more information than conventional bar codes.

While QR codes are not a new phenomenon, B-Squared believes adding QR codes to your design work — packaging, advertisements, etc. — is a valuable marketing tool that can increase engagement for any brand. Here are three ways QR codes help when it comes to print advertising.

#1 | Improve Consumer Experience

With QR codes, you can bring the shopping experience to customers on the go with a few taps on any smartphone. By scanning a QR code, consumers can view a specific page on your website which is linked to the QR code, add products to their shopping cart via a Virtual Kiosk, or view a virtual listing for real estate offering.  

This is one innovative way to leverage technology to make any experience more accessible and convenient. When Netflix introduced online streaming, it successfully utilized  this method to change how customers approached movie rentals. Removing any inconveniences from the sales process builds intense brand loyalty.

QR Codes create a unique opportunity to present customers with more information and context on a product or service, in a clean, minimalist way. It also means that the supplemental information doesn’t have to be static. You can provide an informative video and other interactive content that prompts further engagement with the brand.

In a practical sense, this approach can be especially useful in the service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses. You can also use QR codes to attach digital sales brochures, which makes for easy access and reduces the company’s environmental footprint by eliminating printed brochures.

#2 | Distribute Valuable Material

QR codes placed on print advertising material is a superb way to share pertinent information without taking up extra space. This allows for more creative design flexibility in your overall printed materials. According to eMarketer, the number of US smartphone users scanning QR codes will increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to a projected 99.5 million by 2025. With this many people actively scanning QR codes, you’d be wise to start implementing it in your print advertising materials.

A QR Code linked directly to a brand’s landing page can reveal detailed information about the product or the service showcased either in form of a video clip, interactive pictorials, or a mobile game; the possibilities are endless.

For example, check out our Kalea Bay print ads which present QR Codes in order to generate more business.

#3 | Bridge the Gap

Placing QR codes for marketing in print creates a bridge to bring the offline world of print to the online world of digital marketing.?

Consumers today are immersed in the digital age, but print advertising still offers additional ways to reach them. Consumers can scan the code, go to a company’s website, and find the products or services that interest them without having to physically visit them.

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