3 Ways to Package Your Product

The right packaging helps a brand carve a unique position in the market place and in the minds of consumers. There are 3 important factors associated with designing and packaging a product.

1. Shape
Shape is an important factor when designing a product. If a product is something one will carry in their hand, then it should be slim and fit comfortably in the hand. Ensure the package goes along with the brand’s theme and the packaging is reasonable and realistic. If a product is for kids, then it shouldn’t be sharp or breakable. Depending on whom the product is for, will determine the shape of the product.

2. Color
Color is a crucial element of a brands identity. Color is what draws a consumer; it is one differentiator that separates them from their competitors. A brand typically has a color or two that they associate themselves which creates part of their logo.

Colors have meaning and it is important to know those meanings when designing a product. If a product is international, the colors chosen need to be acceptable in other countries. Successful companies understand that the use of color is vital to create a positive brand image among consumers.

3. Font
Font is critical in packaging, when designing a package, a few questions to ask are:
– Is it readable?
– Does it stand out?
– Is it the right size?
– What age groups are purchasing this product?

Choose a font that is easy to read and stands out. Think about the age group that is buying the product what will that demographic like? This is helpful when understanding the type of font that needs to be used. When choosing the color of a font, it’s important to ensure it goes with your brand’s color scheme, is readable, and catches attention.

Beside the materials used to create a product; shape, color, and font basically package the product. The packaging is what attracts consumers and gives a product its competitive edge. If a product is shaped realistically, the color and font is eye-catching and trendy, then you have packaged a product that will sell.

However, if consumers aren’t responding the way you expected; the packaging may need to be adjusted according to the consumer’s needs and preferences. After all, the point of advertising and selling is to retain customers and keep them happy.