Be Compelling in Your Advertising Message

It’s a tough economy in which to do business. Lately, it seems everyone is discounting their products and services to the point that it seems you can’t do business in this economic climate without having to discount.

Don’t look now, but people could be saying that about your own brand message.

A compelling message gets attention. Creating such a message boils down to one simple thing: you need to first figure out who you are and then who is your target audience. Unless you clearly communicate who you are and what you’re selling, it’s extremely difficult to communicate your message to your target market.

After the heavy lifting is done and you’ve defined who you are and your target audience, then you need to tell that audience why you’re different. And not in generic terms. Saying you’re different because your customer service is the best, or because you think you have the best product on the market, is not specific enough. You need to own your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Generic terms such as customer service, best product, etc. cannot be owned because everyone uses them.

Zero in on what makes your business the to-die-for flavor. Tell your customers loud and clear why they should buy from you. Be unique and be as specific as possible. For example, check out the ads for Under Armour apparel: “You can sweat or freeze but your skin will always feel the same.” It’s specific, it gets a message across and creates a visual to which people can respond.

In short, stay away from empty descriptions. Nobody will believe your customer service is the best because that’s what everyone is saying. Exactly why is your customer service the best? If you’re a homebuilder, do you provide the best level of finishes? Then say it. That’s a tangible and something people can sink their teeth into.

So when you start to develop your message ask yourself what makes it compelling. What is the claim that you can make that no one else can? Create competitive separation and watch your sales and your brand begin to grow.