Company of 9 Celebrating 3 Same-Day Birthdays

Having a birthday lunch for an employee is an every day occurrence at many Southwest Florida businesses. But when a company of just nine employees has three employees with the same birthday, well, that has to go down as something a little out of the ordinary.

That’s the case at B-Squared Advertising, a full service advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Naples.

Robyn Bonaquist, Founder and President of B-Squared, Duane Sulk, Communications Director, and William Kobrin, Art Director, all have the same birth date, May 9.

“We’re going to celebrate 33.33 percent of the entire staff’s birthdays on one day,” said Bonaquist. “In the company’s 15 year history, this has never happened before. I don’t think we even had two employees with the same birthday.”

“I find it interesting that the company’s last two hires, myself and Willie, just happen to have the same birthday as the owner,” said Sulk. “I think it was a conscious decision on Robyn’s part to save a few dollars on the number of birthday lunches the company has to buy this year.”

The entire staff of nine will meet in the company’s conference room around noon to have a catered lunch, eat some cake, and celebrate three same-day birthdays.

“If you combine our three ages it comes out to 149,” said Kobrin. “I hope they don’t plan to have that many candles on the cake. It’ll be time to head home at the end of the day before we got them all lit.”