Print vs. Digital Advertising

As 2018 comes to an end, more and more businesses are asking the question, is giving up print for digital advertising alone the smart choice? With an overwhelming increase in the use of smart devices among consumers (up more than 35% from 2010), decision makers may surmise that going completely digital will benefit their businesses more than a mix of print and digital.

Not so fast we say. Instead of choosing between one medium or the other, it is in your company’s best interest to utilize both of these advertising vehicles and reap the benefits accordingly.

Let’s first take a look at print advertising. There are many advantages to using print media as part of your marketing mix. Print is not the same as it was in the past. It’s evolving and today is more than just a stationary image in a magazine or the newspaper. Consider for instance, a print ad from Nivea Sun, promoting their products in a Brazilian magazine. This was no ordinary ad. Nivea Sun created an ad that featured a personal solar panel and a plug allowing users to charge their phone while enjoying the sun. 3D technology, augmented reality and other interactive elements have opened the door for more creative, personalized print advertisements.

We, of course, cannot turn a blind eye to digital advertising. It is universally known that digital advertising is effective and is becoming more effective as technology improves. This type of advertising is particularly useful because of the variety of forms the advertisement can take: video, a brief flash game, static ads, pop-ups, etc.

Also contributing to its success is the ever-growing popularity of social media. In the past decade, it has become possible to advertise on nearly every social media site including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and even LinkedIn. Along with Google’s pay per click (PPC) campaigns, there are seemingly endless places on the internet to showcase what you’re selling. What’s favorable about PPC campaigns or advertising on Facebook is the ability to target your audience showing certain demographics only the ads when you want them to see.

Both print and digital advertising have their individual benefits, but with the right strategy, you can integrate both these tactics into your marketing plan, thereby allowing them to build off one another for the ultimate exposure and return on investment. For example, you can run a print ad in a popular magazine to draw attention to your brand. Following the publication of that ad, you create an online campaign that serves as a link from your magazine ad to the internet, through like-minded imagery and messaging. The result is a sense of familiarity by prospective consumers when looking for your brand in the future.

With endless advertising opportunities at every corner, deciding on the proper media mix takes time, energy and talent. A good advertising agency can help you navigate the waters easily.