print ads for real estate

The Benefits of Real Estate Print Ads

The word on the street is that print advertising is dead. We beg to differ.

Just stop and think about how many emails a person receives on a daily basis. 100 emails? 200 emails or more, half of which are junk. By sheer numbers alone, odds are most of these emails never see the light of day. Digital messaging in general has a shelf life of  about 15 seconds or less.

Unlike digital ads, however, a print ad can float around your home or office for quite some time. A print ad is tangible in nature, allowing the consumer to pass it around to others, and even pin it to their fridge or bulletin board.

Print Produces Tangible Products & Legitimacy

Print advertising creates an incredible differentiator for a brand. Direct mail and/or print ads tend to have a more significant response rate, leading consumers to make a purchase or at the very least, delve further into what is being advertised. Magazines last considerably longer than an email or a social media post ever would as heavy competition makes it difficult for viewers to sort through the myriad of content.

Print ads published in high-end magazines create a tangible and credible asset, unlike digital ads, which may not establish the legitimacy you’re looking for with your brand or business.

Long-Lasting Exposure to Properties & Business

Print ads not only have a longer lifespan, but also create long-lasting exposure for your brand and business. Print ads are a optimal vehicle for luxury properties to market directly to consumers.

Print ads also allow advertisers to spread their brand across many different publications and establish an emotional connection with consumers through engaging materials for positive and powerful results.

Bridge the Gap Between Print and Online

print ads for real estate

Emails can be deleted, and social media can be browsed, but print ads tend to stick around a person’s home or office. With that being said, print advertising can have a considerable effect when utilized in conjunction those publications offering digital editions.

Print ads today often feature QR codes linking the consumer directly to the brand, a time saver for busy executives and consumers alike.

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