Is Print Advertising Obsolete? Here’s Why Not.

In a digital-dominated world, everyone tends to focus on social media, email campaigns and online content. There’s no question that digital marketing is here to stay, but there’s something still to be said about print advertising. It’s not obsolete, and here’s why.

Customer Service

Anywhere there is a physical customer presence, there should be a hard copy of marketing materials available. As a professional courtesy to all that walk through your doors, your business should have something for them to have and to hold. Business cards, letterhead and brochures are all good examples of print advertising that are essential to excellent customer service.

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Target Audiences

Depending on the demographics of your target audience, print advertisements and printed collateral materials may be advised. If you are marketing to a younger “tech-savvy” generation your advertising mediums will be different than the advertising vehicles you would use for their parents or grandparents.

According to a study by Visa, a world-renowned financial services company, the baby boomer generation is currently the “biggest spenders” of all the generations. Over the years we have seen time and time again that print advertisements resonate better with the older generation, than that of digital ads.

Another study, done by Inspired, a 55+ lifestyle magazine, revealed the 55+ consumer prefers print and textile media over digital for one main reason: trust.  


Other than the fact that you can feel and hold printed materials, when something is printed – it is final. It cannot change. It cannot update itself. It doesn’t say your name. It doesn’t know your location. Print ads are simply a more trusted vehicle than digital advertisements.

Maybe it’s because this is what older generations grew up with or maybe it’s because it’s right in front of their eyes. Whatever the reason, people tend to trust print advertisements over digital.  

Multidimensional Approach

One way to effectively use print advertisements is to use a multidimensional approach. Having “everything” in your toolbox in order to increase sales may just be the difference in closing a sale. Utilizing print advertisements, mixed with digital efforts, social media, PR and more will ensure that you are reaching multiple audiences through multiple outlets.

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